In the Beginning

William and I met back in 1996 in a transformational workshop environment called LifeSpring (now M.I.T.T.–Mastery in Transformational Training). It quickly became clear that I had met the love of my life ~ a man who truly cares about the world and our place in it. It was in our first year together, during a trip to Palm Springs, when “Wings, The Journey Home” was conceived. Prior to meeting William, I had been working for several months on a story, which I will still write one day. As I was sharing it with him, he suggested that we write a book about birds, with a similar storyline to my story. One of our LifeSpring Trainers had used a metaphor, likening our human condition to eagles who think that they’re chickens. Our wheels and creative juices began turning and flowing!

That was over a decade ago. Life and career demands placed “Wings” on the back burner, but we always knew that we would know when the time was right to complete and release our ‘baby.’ I, being a Realtor, found the perfect opportunity when real estate ‘did the very special thing that it did’ several years ago. The whole real estate crisis made me realize that it was time to bring our book up to the front burner and finish it. There is always a blessing!

We are thrilled to share this intimate part of our lives, which we have held so closely to our hearts for so many years. If you are wondering why we haven’t talked about it with you, just know that you aren’t the only one who feels that way — my own brother was surprised to know that we had been working on this project in the background for all of these years!

It’s funny that when I met William I was searching for the ‘Father of my children’…I just didn’t know that our children would be my beautiful stepdaughter, Brianna, our cat, Romeow, and books! Just the same, it does feel as though we have given birth!

Thank you for taking the time to join us on our journey,


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